Kisses of Light - Eternal love

This is a True Story

It is the story of a very important stage of our lives.

A learning period has taught us that Hope, and above all Love never ends, never dies, simply because it cannot.
Love cannot because it covers and surpasses any reality, plane, dimension, space, time and circumstance.
We are Marta and Joan Carles, Sergi, Alma and Marta's parents.

Sergi was with us twelve years, and Alma only twenty-two weeks, then they continued their journey through the Universe.
But, a series of coincidences, or a series of synchronicities, has made we could find them again, talk to them and have a dialogue between dimensions.
A dialogue, between dimesions, where the most important thing is Love.

We Thank Providence, Universe, Life, for allowing us to enjoy these three Angels

We are looking for a Human/Angel for translation into English free of charges. Are you?
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